Open Press

All Individuals have a right to disseminate their viewpoints for general consideration. The history of colonial and revolutionary America presents many examples of this model in practice, with printers-largely for economic reasons- most often presenting themselves as impartial intermediaries passing along what was provided to them. The open press rendition of  ‘freedom of the press’ was most fully justified in a 1731 essay by Benjamin Franklin called ” An Apology for Printers”. Franklin claimed ” Printers are educated in belief, that when men differ in opinion, both sides ought equally to have the advantage of being heard by the public… Hence they cheerfully serve all  contending writers that pay them well, without on which side  they are of the question in dispute”.- Excerpt from Freeing the Presses: An Introductory Essay by Timothy E. Cook

The photo has been taken during an opposition called day long strike in Bangladesh in last week of April, 2012. The photo shows how the young photo journalists of Bangladesh are taking photos of a hurled but not exploded handmade bomb. There could be a danger of explosion any time. But they defied the fear and took so close shots! Very risky indeed.


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