Police Harass and Threaten Journalists in Dhaka

At least six senior journalists of Diganta Television have face harassment and threat warrant from police on December 10, 2012 in Dhaka. Some  20-25 police members harassed the journalists and tried to arrest them even after showing identification and accreditation cards, said the journalists.

The incident occurred at that time when Assignment Editor of Diganta Television Kamruzzaman Bablu along with his senior colleagues were taking tea at a tea stall, very close to the office of Diganta Television. At one point they noticed around 20-25 police members, led by a Sub-Inspector, rushed to the journalists. The leading police officer started shouting reaching beside the journalists who were still standing there. The police officer, immediately, ordered his colleagues to arrest the journalists. The journalists protested showing their identification.


## Journalist Kamruzzaman Bablu seen showing his identification to the police while a police  member is thrusting a journalist standing next to Mr Kamruzzaman.

As per the quotes of the harassed journalists the police officer didn’t pay heed to them and called unspeakable bad names. Even after showing the Press Information Department  (PID), Ministry of Information of Bangladesh Government, accreditation card; the police officer shouted ‘beating a journalists doesn’t count so as arresting them’. He asked the other police members to pick the journalists in the police van.

At that point one of the journalists of Diganta Television even told the Sub- Inspector that no sooner had he reported on the Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Press Meet before he joined his colleagues there. Surprising the request, the Sub-Inspector moved on further to pick the journalists and shouted that if they had anything to do, let the DMP Commissioner release them from the custody.

Diganta Television is known as one of the main dissident media house to the incumbent Awami League led 14-party alliance government which the journalists of the television channel deny. Harassments, threats and assaulting journalists by the law enforcing entities are very regular in Bangladesh. In most of the cases, the journalists face extreme rough words from the law enforcing entities. Many a reporters have faced brutal police assault for reporting corruption of the law enforcers.



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