Media clamp down formula

Mass media have faced suppression in different dimensions. This write up actually places the ways how the authorities have impounded the freedom of the presses, freedom of thoughts and freedom of conscience.

The ways could be classified in six way

A. Shadow threat formula and suggestion model- this model comprises the suppressive approach in a high handed manner. The primary areas of the model are-

  1. Blaming the media
  2. Authoritative claims of providing highest freedom
  3. Regular suggestions from the authority about how and what should be given coverage in the mass media
  4. Urge from the authority for going for constructive reportage and constructive criticism of the four branches of the government
  5. Avoiding and dodging questions on relevant issues
  6. Turning the public against mass media

B. Power imposing model

  1. Ban on media from covering events and public life
  2. Force media to stop or abandon publishing and broadcasting
  3. Ban news organizations entering into public offices
  4. Closure of news media, turning of the switches
  5. Usage of public office for threatening media

C. Torture model- the oldest approach of pressing freedom of the presses

  1. Killing the news source
  2. Attacking the journalists
  3. Arresting and harassing the journalist
  4. Life threats from different sources
  5. Punishment for publishing/ broadcasting news

D. Absolute authority and no justice model-

  1. Killing the news persons and exercising the executive power on the trial proceedings
  2. Forcing journalists to stop protesting the suppression on them

E. New Media controlling model-

  1. Force closures of dissident web sites and weblogs
  2. Suo Moto rule  conferred by the judiciary

F. Propaganda and popular journalism model

These models will be discussed with theoretical perspectives along references and case studies in this blog


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